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File:Astra concept.png
Astra concept art.
Homeland Aureus
Sex Female
Sexual preference Any
Fetishes Maid
Race Human
Profession Thief, fuckdoll
Age 19
Title Master Thief
Alias Starburst
Hair colour Silver
Eye colour Blue
Skin colour Tan
Latex skin colour Black
Armor Latex
Cup size B
Magic info
Mana 50
Magic level 30
Magic affinity Average
Magic resistance Average

Astra is an Aurean that followed Seraphina to the human world to steal stuff from her. This backfired spectacularly, and she was enslaved by Sera. She is legally (according to Aurean law) kept as a personal drone and fucktoy, as rehabilitation/restitution.


Astra is a shorter-than-average woman. She has sparkling silver hair that's short to keep it out of her vision. She has light blue eyes. She is extremely fit and flexible due to her work as a thief. Her usual outfit is a simple set of Aurean wool clothing.

As a fuckdoll, Astra has black latex skin that flows up to her neck, and occasionally over her whole body, depending on her owner's mood. Her hair and eyes, when still visible, are as they were before. She has permanent ballet heels "attached" to her feet to hamper her speed, with D-rings allowing chains to be connected for more movement restriction. She is usually made to wear a silver leotard or swimsuit for decoration. She is usually made to wear a gem plug to gather mana for Sera's magic.

Due to Rio's teasing, Astra has a built-in frilly maid uniform that gets formed from her body when "needed".

Personality and traits

  • Lots of willpower and defiance
  • Impulsive and quick to anger
  • Values putting enough effort into something to do it really well, almost competitive about it
  • Body controlled and enslaved
  • Mind is usually conscious and aware of what's going on around her, even if "forced" to do something


  • Grew up in Aureus
  • Pickpocketed people for a living
  • Ditched that as she grew up, decided to work only on big heists that don't harm average people


  • Seraphina's slave
  • Eventually given to person Sera's staying with
  • Strongly dislikes Rio for being royalty/teasing
  • Lynn's lewd outlet, slightly more willing than with Sera or Rio
  • Sort-of friends with Brooke and Diane

Powers and abilities

While she isn't technically a witch, she does know how to use magic to a limited extent. She can use simple illusion spells to distract people while she steals things from them, and if all else fails, she knows a small amount of combat magic to help her out when she's in a bind.


  • Boots of speed - Astra's boots are enchanted, allowing her to both be silent and move faster.
  • Latex maid outfit - Built into Astra's body. It can reveal itself when cleaning, and on other occasions.
  • Gem plug - A plug that Astra is forced to wear to gather mana for Seraphina.

Notes and ideas

Mostly created as a way to have "unethical" things done to her, such as conscious slavery, without feeling so bad about it. Alternative ideas for her were a rich girl from the human world who made fun of witches when she saw them, making them mad, but that wasn't justifiable enough.

Have different "stages" of fuckdoll. First one could just be latex skin, second could be full-on rubber TF. The collars and D-rings could be built in at that point.

Maybe make Astra male?

Likely to be rewritten.