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Brooke Meadows with a horsecock dolldo attachment.

An attachment is an Aurean term for a magical item that can attach directly to, or become a part of, somebody's body. It is usually used to refer to magical dildos and breasts, but occasionally refers to less sexual body parts such as arms, legs, or hands.


Attachments were created as a self-contained form of body part that could be used by anyone, even those with zero magical ability. When used, they "attach" to a person's body, and slowly merge with them and their nerve endings so that touching it feels like they are touching their own body. During this merging process, the attachment also turns the same colour as the host's skin, unless specifically designed to remain a certain colour. For instance, Lynn's favourite attachment gives her a cock that is purple latex.

Attachments are powered by internal mana that slowly recharges over time when not in use. When an attachment runs out of internal mana, it automatically detaches itself from its host and slowly recharges itself using ambient mana. Alternatively, someone skilled with magic can recharge it by themselves.

An attachment can be removed by a magic user relatively easily. Users with no magical ability have to either spend all the internal mana of the attachment to get rid of it, or ask a magic user for help. For something like a cock attachment, this would usually involve one or more orgasms. Things may get complicated, however, when a non-magic user uses an attachment with a relatively large mana pool, such as when Eve [Undecided!] decided to try the "Moomoo boobs" attachment by herself and discovered its relatively fast mana recharging functionality. To take them off by herself, she had to go on a two-day-long masturbation and milking session, leaving her slightly addicted to its effects due to adaptation.


There are many different overall types of attachments available, usually created by magic users for their non-magic friends. Some common ones are tail attachments that can move at the host's whim, animal ear attachments, and grommet or D-ring attachments that allow built-in bondage for the host, such as leashes and ropes.


A dolldo is similar to a normal attachment, except it is nothing more than a standard dildo. The term is a portmanteau of "doll dildo", and was coined by Brooke Meadows when she discovered that she has the ability to attach any dildo to herself and feel it as if it was her own cock.

Since they are mostly normal dildos, dolldos have no inherent magical power or ability to them, and can only be used by dolls. However, because of this, several limitations of normal attachments don't apply. For instance, since normal attachments detach from their host when they run out of mana, dolldos only detach from theirs when the host wills it. A doll can permanently give herself a cock they want if they so wish. This also implies that someone with a dolldo is able to orgasm with it as many times as they want.

Dolldos can be either normal dildos, or double ended dildos which can be inserted into someone.

Dolldos can have runes written or engraved on them to give their host extra effects, if they aren't isolated or specified. This was discovered when Rio engraved a "Vanilla" rune onto Brooke's dildo and found her entire body tasting like it, instead of just her cum.

Dolls aren't necessarily able to attach dolldos themselves, such as in the case of Cassie, who had a large horsecock attached to her by Rio and is unable to remove it herself.


Tentacle attachments are rare, partially because it's hard to make them self-sufficient, and partially because they don't last too long and require a lot of recharging. Nonetheless, they can be attached almost anywhere, although they tend to be attached on someone's lower back or between their shoulder blades. Multiple tentacle attachments can be used at once, with 6 being a soft upper limit due to positioning and logistics. Tentacle attachments run out of mana fairly quickly due to requiring mana for movement and flexing internal muscles. A beginner host with a tentacle attachment can use theirs for about 10 minutes; someone more skilled can go up to an hour between recharges, depending on their actual use.


A nonexhaustive list of "generic" attachments.

  • Bimboobs - Breasts that suppress their wearer's intelligence while active. Almost fake-looking.
  • Cock - A standard cock attachment. Usable by men, women, and futas.
  • Edgy - A cock attachment that constantly leaks precum and prevents its host from orgasming with it. Uses mana to generate the precum; allows the wearer to orgasm when critically low on mana.
  • Hyper - A cock attachment that grows larger and more sensitive the longer the host is aroused.
  • Moomoo Boobs - Very large breast attachments that constantly lactate. Leak more when its host is aroused.
  • Tits - A standard breast attachment.


Come up with a better name for it. Previous idea involved "living cock", but may reserve that for something like a CTF term.