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A simple biovibe.

A biovibe (short for biological vibrator) is a sex toy that is created by witches. Biovibes are considered to be of Aurean origin.


Biovibes tend to be small, usually about the size of a bullet vibrator. When activated, they vibrate when enough mana has gathered inside them, or when the biovibe is inside somebody. Biovibes usually use someone's biological energy to run, which implies that a biovibe will run continuously and not "run out of batteries".


File:Embedded biovibes.jpg
A witch with embedded biovibes.

Biovibes are popular among exhibitionists and rubberdolls. Since a biovibe runs on either bio energy or mana, a common practice among witches is to place them in their bras or tape them to their nipples, so that they can be constantly stimulated. More daring witches tend to slip them inside their panties and put them on, having a buzzing sensation directly on their clit.

Biovibes tend to be frequently used as embeddings, being directly placed onto (or even into) very sensitive body parts, having it be a part of them and constantly stimulating them without rest.


All biovibes resonate at a unique magical frequency, which means that they can be uniquely identified and "controlled" if one knows this frequency. This can be used to create resonators that act as magical switches and remotes that resonate at that frequency. This allows someone with a resonator to control the output of a biovibe, increasing or decreasing its power at will.

Rubberdolls with embedded biovibes usually have at least one resonator to control them. Public rubberdolls, exhibitionists, and fuckdolls tend to give out or advertise their frequencies for others to use.


The frequency at which a biovibe resonates can be changed, and there are also ways to disable the resonance completely. While it is possible to randomly search for frequencies to randomly find one that resonates with a biovibe, it is considered practically infeasible, meaning that for most intents and purposes, a biovibe is "secure".


Considering them secure for now, but could be fun to have a resonance hijacker of sorts to find nearby vibes' frequencies and force them to max.