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The calligrasuit (also known as a calligratex suit or a scriptsuit) is an artifact infused with the strong magic of the Goddess, allowing its wearer to change their form or mind according to whatever they write on it while wearing it. It was one of the items created by her and sent out into the human world as a form of entertainment.

Background and history

Bored of toying with humans, the Goddess decided to create something so that they could toy with themselves while she watched. One of those creations was the calligrasuit, as she was curious how it would be used by others.

Appearance and usage

The calligrasuit, in its regular form, looks like a full-body white or silver latex bodysuit with a back entry. Its shade of white is much lighter than a typical bodysuit, and, upon close inspection, it has a glittery sheen to it. Once put on, it seems to seal up its entry, rendering it invisible until someone wants to take it off.

Once worn, the calligrasuit becomes a smooth white second skin on the wearer. The main feature of the calligrasuit is writing on it; when something is written on it, the suit takes the writer's intent and changes its wearer according to what was written, usually in a lewd or sexual context. These changes can be physical, such as writing "huge tits" and having their chest grow a few sizes; mental, such as writing "sub" and the wearer becoming submissive; physiological, such as writing "always wet" above someone's crotch and them being constantly dripping wet; or a combination of the three. More abstract or archetypal descriptions tend to do more and are based more on the writer's intent. Symbols are also understood by the calligrasuit; for instance, drawing arrows towards one's mouth usually gives the wearer a desire for oral sex. These changes can usually be reversed by wiping away what was written, or crossing it out. If crossed out, the writing will fade from the suit.

The calligrasuit's powers, while strong, are limited; if it does not understand what the writer wants, or if it can't do what was written, the writing will immediately disappear and it will have no effect.

The calligrasuit is also able to generate its own clothing, to a degree; it tends to be restricted to monochrome, skintight clothing, usually a shade of white. It won't create things such as loose-fitting t-shirts, but it can form things such as underwear, swimsuits, tight jeans, and even shoes and heels. This isn't a hard guideline, though, as it will create loose-fitting kinky clothing, the most prominent example being a frilly maid uniform. It also doesn't have a problem having other loose clothing worn over it.

Once removed normally, all the writing on the suit disappears, and any changes are undone.



I was going to make the calligrasuit transfer its power to one of its wearers, making writing stuff on their body while not wearing the suit affect them. Another alternative was that the person essentially becomes the suit after writing something, and is able to be worn by others while still being altered.