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File:Catera concept.png
Concept art for Catera
Homeland Aureus
Sex Female
Sexual preference Male
Fetishes Exhibitionism
Race Succubus
Profession Librarian
Title TBD
Alias TBD
Hair colour Black
Eye colour Red
Skin colour Red
Cup size D
Magic info
Mana 100
Magic level 50
Magic affinity Average
Magic resistance Average

Catera is a succubus friend of Seraphina's. She is different from most succubi in that she's extremely shy, despite her lewd nature. She enjoys cuddles and erotica.


Catera has somewhat standard looks for a succubus, although she's taller than average. She has shoulder-length black hair. Her red eyes are common among succubi, the main difference being that Catera has to wear glasses. She has red skin that's naturally smooth and shiny, attracting many people to her. Due to her bookwormishness, she sits around a lot, which causes her body to give her a large round ass.

While being naked is common among succubi, Catera's shyness leaves her wanting to cover herself up. She usually wears a black latex bodysuit that mostly covers her up, stopping at her thighs and elbows. The bodysuit has clear pseudolatex over her crotch, leaving it visible. Catera wears a latex skirt to cover that up.

Whereas most Aurean succubi tend to show off their bodies in public, Catera usually disguises herself as a human to take attention off of herself. She resembles her succubus form, although with slightly tan skin and brown eyes.

Personality and traits

Um... i-if it's not too much trouble for you... oh goddess I can't believe I'm asking someone to do this... is it okay if I just... sit on your face for a bit? I know it's inconvenient but I'd be s-so grateful...

Since Catera is a succubus, she has a strong desire to feed on others' sexual fluids and desires.

Catera is introverted by human standards, but considered extremely shy by succubus measurements. She tends to think she is inconveniencing others by being around them, doing things such as being hesitant to ask others to help feed her. This is in contrast to most other succubi, which would just put it out there by getting naked in public and saying they're hungry.

Catera has developed a tiny addiction to bimbo candy due to its relaxing and happy effects.



Powers and abilities

  • Standard succubus abilities
  • Disguise - Catera has the ability to hide her true form, and is able to effectively turn into other people with it.



Possibly have Catera replace Anna.

Unsure if succubi should be added in the first place.

It has been brought to my attention that Catera is the name of a terrible car. That may warrant changing her name...