Evelynn Hopper

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Evelynn Hopper
File:Evelynn concept.png
Homeland Canada
Sex Female
Sexual preference Male
Fetishes Robots
Race Human
Profession Programmer
Age 24
Alias Eve
Unit 00
Hair colour Black
Eye colour Blue
Skin colour Pale
Cup size B
Magic info
Magic affinity Average
Magic resistance Average

Evelynn Hopper, also known by Eve, is a female human. She is a programmer/hacker. While she herself lacks magical abilities, she possesses incredible technical knowledge, and is one of the people behind the original implementation of nanotex. She eventually inhabits a cyborg body due to her kinks [Undecided!].


Eve is an average-height, slightly chubby woman. She has short, wavy black hair and vibrant blue eyes. Due to her eyesight and programming-related job, she wears a pair of silver glasses with a blue tint and has pale skin.

Eve tends to wear hoodies and sweatpants whenever possible, since she finds them comfortable. In warmer weather, she'll usually wear a black tank top with jean shorts. However, she doesn't mind being naked in private, as she finds that it spares her the trouble of doing laundry. However, to indulge in her robotization/cyborg fetish, she occasionally wears a skintight swimsuit with circuit prints on it, pretending that she is one.

Nanotex bot

After she injected herself with nanotex, Eve's skin got turned into a metallic silver, with carbon black markings across her body, most of which resembles circuitry designs. As such, she resembles a robotic copy of herself, thus calling herself a nanotex bot. Her eyes are a glowing blue, similar to her normal form, but more pronounced. While she has no need for glasses like this, she may occasionally wear a pair for decoration.

Possible colour schemes

[Undecided!] These are colour schemes that could possibly be good for Eve. May as well throw ALL the colours here.

(Primary, followed by secondary)

  • Black with gold
  • Black with silver
  • Black with dark blue
  • Black with neon green
  • Silver with black
  • Silver with dark blue
  • Dark blue with light blue
  • Light green with dark green
  • Red with black
  • Black with red

Personality and traits



  • Close friend of Seraphina, due to being able to relate to her despite not knowing anything about casting spells, or Sera not knowing much about programming.
  • Good friends with Cassie. Eventually upgrades his puredoll body with a nanotex exterior.
  • Due to being friends with Cassie, good friends with Brooke.

Powers and abilities



  • Evelynn's name references computer science in two ways.
    • In cryptography examples, Eve is typically the name used for someone trying to read encrypted messages between two other people.
    • Evelynn's last name, Hopper, is a reference to Grace Hopper, one of the first female computer scientists, and author of the first compiler.

Dev notes

Probably going to trash Eve, or at the very least, heavily rewrite her. Nano seems to be where some of the more "extreme" stuff is going to get transferred.

Eve has a few server racks in her basement. A couple of petabytes of storage data should be fine. "What do you have so much storage for?" "...Linux distros?"

Eve is her short/usual form, PleasureBot is for her to obey while being aware, Unit 00 is her going under and being unaware of what's happening to her.

There are two long term possibilities for her. One is that she goes through the robot hypnophase at first. Once she thinks of nanotex, she turns herself into a nanotex cyborg and tries to reprogram herself. The second option is that she makes a nanotex robot (by itself, like a rubber golem, or from injecting someone else with nanotex), and transfers her consciousness into it to "pilot" it. Knowing my kinks, she'll probably get stuck in it and accidentally reprogrammed, which is what she would have wanted, anyways.