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Gemini avatar.jpg
Gemini in his usual form.
Homeland Canada
Sex Male
Sexual preference Female
Fetishes Exhibitionism
Free use
Race Human
Profession Model
Age 22
Eye colour Black
Latex skin colour Black

Gemini is the pseudonym of a male human (formerly named James) that was involuntarily transformed into a puredoll due to magic provided by gear from the Goddess' shop, giving him the form of a jet black rubber doll. The transformation and gear gave him the ability to shapeshift to a certain extent, allowing him to change his form to almost any other humanoid shape with either some focus or by attempting to "reshape" his body manually. As a gift, he was also given a duplicate soulless drone linked to him, giving him the ability to shape it, order it around, or transfer between its body and his.

Gemini makes his living with a niche fetish site, using his shapeshifting powers to make it seem like multiple models are involved. Once he got used to controlling his drone, he started doing duo scenes, which skyrocketed the popularity of the models he played.


Due to Gemini's status as a shapeshifter, he has many appearances that he uses in different situations and desires. He also has a lot of forms that he uses for his alternate body, swapping as needed.

While he usually wears regular clothing, Gemini has the ability to shift certain kinds of clothing onto himself, keeping their texture. Examples include underwear, tights shirts and pants, swimsuits, and gloves. He uses this more in his default form, though.

Gemini has a few limitations to his shapeshifting power, the most common ones being:

  • His rune designs are unable to blend in with the colour of his skin and must be plainly visible.
  • His inability to shift his eye details easily, meaning that his eyes are a solid colour unless he concentrates on creating the details. The most complex design he can make on demand is spirally eyes.

Default form

Gemini's "default" form is similar to that of a jet black figure with above average height, having no visible facial features. He is basically a shiny androgynous rubberdoll. The only distinguishing marks on his body are around his neck, wrists, upper thighs, and ankles, which contain rune-like designs from the magical steel bands he wore before his transformation. As he learned to use his shapeshifting powers, he slowly added shifted gear onto himself for his default form, including imitation steel bands, corsets, heels, and subtle seams to make it seem like he wears a full bodysuit. He also gives himself a mouth with a set of full lips and a long tongue that he alternates between black and crimson/pink whenever he feels like it. He seems to enjoy wearing imitation steel chains as jewelry of sorts, including as bracelets, anklets, and nipple chains.

Gemini uses this form often for both bodies when he doesn't need to have any specific form, such as when home alone, or relaxing with Dorothy. Occasionally, he uses his normal form from the neck up.

Post-transformation, the runic designs on Gemini's body are a permanent part of him that he can't hide or cover up with his shapeshifting. He is able to change their colour, but seems unable to make them blend in with whatever colour his skin is. For instance, in his default form, he can't make the runes black. In his normal form, black is fine, but anything close to skin colour is difficult.

Normal form

Gemini and others refer to his "normal" form as the form he takes when he needs to be presentable in public. Due to his shapeshifting, this form is similar to his pre-puredoll form, with some imperfections removed. This consists of him with brown hair and slightly tan skin, with a toned, slightly fit body. He usually has the appearance of wearing plain jeans and a t-shirt. Gemini can shift himself to have skin-like texture, so it isn't obvious that he's made of rubber. He also wears sunglasses to hide his monocoloured eyes from others.


Similar to a combination of his default and normal form, Gemini's feminine form is a slightly more feminine version of his face, with a black rubber body from the neck down. However, his body now has large breasts and an hourglass figure. Dorothy seems to like this form a lot.

Personality and traits

Gemini is extremely mischievous and prankish, doubly so since getting the ability to shapeshift. He enjoys teasing Dorothy by turning into different variations of her, usually with a submissive addition. For instance, when he wants to clean either his or Dorothy's house, he shapeshifts into her in a skimpy maid outfit and talks in her voice about how great being a maid is. He started shifting into Dorothy more after he figured out she wanted to see herself be humiliated, but was too shy and reserved to do it herself, and found a vicarious release in his shapeshifted version of her. To that end, he continuously shifts into her form to tease her.

Gemini is also someone who is hedonistic but takes pride in what he does, tweaking things until they're just right, which is a massive time sink with his new power, amplified by Dorothy's requests.

Gemini is a fan of roleplay, both in the game sense and in the lewd sense.


After unknowingly ordering some magical steel bands from an online witch shop to complement his bodysuit, and after a long session with them, Gemini went to bed still wearing them. When he woke up, the bands had disappeared, leaving behind their runes. As he awoke from lewd dreams he found himself transformed in his bed into a shiny puredoll. While initially confused and shocked by his new body, he slowly figured out that he can shapeshift by placing his hands over an area of his body and changing it by focusing intently.

Soon after, he got a large package delivered to his home from the witch shop containing a near-identical, slightly more feminine copy of his new form and a note saying "Now there's two of you!" After laying it out on a couch, he felt a subconscious link between their bodies. He unwittingly swapped bodies with the other rubberdoll, finding his old form standing over him while he laid on the couch in the new body.

After practicing the bodyswap trick, James decided to call himself Gemini, due to the twin puredoll bodies he controlled. He slowly found that with some practice and focus, he could command and control his other body to a certain extent through willpower, making it do things like walk around the house.

After revealing his situation to Dorothy, a fellow kink enthusiast and close friend, she helped him by shopping for stuff so that Gemini wouldn't have to go outside in his form, as well as with other things.

As time went by, Gemini slowly learned a lot of tricks, including how to shapeshift his other body, finer command and control, shifting clothes and accessories, and being able to shift into a human. Using this ability, he decided to pose as a fetish photographer and model, using himself and his shifting abilities to make it look like many different models were participating. This helped keep his finances in check.

After lots of practice, Gemini was able to control both bodies well enough at the same time, as well as being able to shift a lot of his body around to do previously unimaginable things such as flowing around Dorothy's body and being a living bodysuit.


Gemini is friends with Dorothy, and spends so much time with her and sharing lewd experiences that they formed a slight soul bond. Despite Gemini being more of a top and Dorothy being more of a bottom, Gemini's puredoll body slowly and slightly gets used to subconsciously fulfilling Dorothy's desires in minor ways, such as being stuck in his Fem-Gemini form for certain amounts of time.

Powers and abilities

These come at different times.

  • Shapeshifting
    • The ability to change skin colour and texture.
    • The ability to change body shape and size to reasonable degrees.
    • The ability to create basic kink gear and clothing as part of the body.
  • Twin communication
    • The ability to command and control his other body.
    • The ability to actively "swap" minds between his bodies.
  • Fulfillment - subconsciously gives minor control of shapeshifting to someone that Gemini wants to please, usually Dorothy.
  • Flexibility and elasticity - part of being a puredoll.

Items and equipment

  • Steel rune band - integrated with his new bodies. Basically the reason he's a puredoll shapeshifter.

See also

  • Nano - Similar bodyswap trick, but in a robot body instead of a puredoll body.
  • Jordan - Ostensibly male, but with a female puredoll form.
  • Lauren - Also "blessed" by the Goddess.


Could also make his "other half" have a mind of its own, similar to his.

Hard to shapeshift into the Goddess, because of her gradient and reflection, or Brooke, because of her transparency.

May need to think of another name for his girlfriend. Dorothy is currently a placeholder for now.

There needs to be more detail regarding how Dorothy finds out or has Gemini revealed to her. Currently just a placeholder.

A great excuse to use any picture and claim it's Gemini doing lewd things.

Possibly make him the other character in the late witch pic with Goddess and Lauren?

Alternative backstory ideas:

  • Droned, but kept his free will somehow.
  • Drunkenly bought things from witch shop and wore them.
  • Drone bands. Could explain the transformation.