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Holotex is a form of latex created by witches. It is extremely desired due to not only its natural wet look properties, but due to its ability to become completely transparent and even "disappear" completely based on certain conditions.


Holotex is created almost entirely using mana, using magitex as a basic outline. Mana is used to fill in the areas between the magitex, using it as a solidification point and allowing it to not dissipate. Mana used this way has a natural "wet" look, similar to other latex and magitex outfits. Once an outline is formed, the actual clothing design is added in, as well as adding non-holotex detailing.

Once the holotex outfit is designed, a sorceress is able to choose what kind of activation triggers and reactions the holotex has. An activation trigger is what enables the holotex to change, while the reaction is the actual change. Common triggers are things such as becoming wet, exposure to mana types, physical touch, stretching limits, and temperature. The most common holotex reactions are either simple transparency, or a mana-based "disappearance" of holotex.

Holotex disappearance is rather unique due to its nature. Once activated, it is turned invisible and intangible, and it is almost as if the holotex didn't exist. This allows interaction through it. For instance, one can put their body through a sheet of holotex once it is activated in this way. After a certain amount of time, if the trigger is not present any more, the holotex slowly reforms into its previous form. Using magic, other primed materials can interact with a specific instance of holotex in this form, creating neat effects.



Holotex, despite its rarity, is used frequently in Aurean clothing and lingerie designs. Holotex bras can have built-in magitex pasties, giving a neat effect where the holotex disappears and the pasties cover the wearer's nipples, but they still cling as if the holotex was there. Holotex panties can look ordinary but turn crotchless when exposed to spells, allowing their wearer "quick access". This is commonly taken advantage of by wearers in establishments with dildoseats, as most give off a specific mana signature. This allows the dildos to slide through the panties and into the witches without actually taking them off.

Holotex is often used on humans from the modern world to play pranks on them. A relatively common trick is giving humans holotex bikinis at the beach that are triggered by water. After a bit of water exposure, the holotex activates and the bikini "falls apart", leaving its wearer nude. Another common prank is holotex panties that are activated by body heat and encouraged to wear with a skirt; after a few hours, the first notification that something isn't quite right is a cool breeze against the wearer's now-exposed crotch.

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  • Seraphina's bodysuit contains holotex along her stomach, allowing it to be occasionally nonexistent and occasionally simply transparent.
  • Add example with magitex pasties or panties to show how it's bound.
  • Add creator, as well as famous holotex designer.