Isabella Frost

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Isabella Frost
File:Isabella avatar.jpg
Isabella in her wolfgirl form.
Homeland Canada
Sex Futanari
Sexual preference Any
Fetishes Exhibitionism
Free use
Race Wolfgirl
Profession Student
Age 20
Hair colour Blonde
Eye colour Blue
Skin colour Light
Cup size H
Cock size (in.) 16

Isabella Frost is a human that was turned into a wolfgirl. During the transformation, reality reformed around her, and she is perceived as a normal girl, in her human form, by almost everybody else around her. This perception also counts towards her activities and clothing; despite her doing kinky/strange things in public, they are perceived as normal by others.

She is a streamer on Flyck, noted for her "relatively wholesome content and cute voice".


Isabella is a woman of average height and weight, with shoulder-length blonde hair and vibrant blue eyes. Her body was relatively thin, and she had roughly B-cup breasts before her transformation. She usually wore simple clothing, like jeans, sneakers, and a t-shirt. She occasionally wore glasses. This is how she is usually perceived by others.

Interestingly, in certain situations, Isabella is perceived as wearing the same swimsuit she wears as a wolfgirl, such as when at a swimming pool or when showering. This is usually not perceived in other situations, such as when she's actually wearing it in public.


After being turned into a wolfgirl, Isabella's appearance remained similar, but vastly different as well. She kept her face, eyes, and hair, but she grew wolfyears on her head, as well as massive H-cup breasts. Her body turned into an hourglass figure practically designed for sex and lust. Even her body hair changed subtly, making her completely hairless below her neck, except for some pubic hair shaped like a heart.

Most of Isabella's old clothing either makes her uncomfortable, either due to not fitting properly post-transformation, or her new wolfy body disliking almost anything that isn't considered sexy. She usually wears a golden latex swimsuit with black and blue detailing which is stretched against her body, giving it a transparent look. She usually wears a collar with large lettering that says "SLUT", usually perceived as a simple necklace, as she can't control her body's desire to wear it. She wears latex stockings out of choice, and high heels due to her being uncomfortable without them. Occasionally, Isabella wears nothing except her collar when doing her daily activities, fueling her kink for exhibition. Her body is relatively soft, giving her a "deep skin" effect, as if certain tight or stringy clothing is digging into her body.

Isabella has a pawprint tattoo on her left hip, an indicator of the mild lifestyle curse she has.

Isabella frequently thinks about getting nipple piercings.

Personality and traits

Overall, Isabella is a very kind individual that doesn't want to worry those she cares about with his own burdens or problems. She is seen as reliable, if a bit clueless at times.

Isabella is quiet and shy, but actively trying to break out of her cocoon. Once she started living alone, she began to push her boundaries with things like finally buying sex toys that she wanted.

After her transformation into a wolfgirl, Isabella is still very shy, but frequently comes into inner conflict with her new body's desires, her reality shift, and her knowledge that what she does will just be perceived as normal anyway. This usually ends with Isabella going with what her body wants, but being humiliated with doing so, and being aroused by her predicament at the same time. She slowly gets used to her new desires and her new life, but not by much.


When she first moved out, Isabella decided to break out of her routine of being shy around others. As a sort of immersion therapy, she ordered a wolfysuit from a site she found online, going to a costume party with her friends while wearing it. However, due to her previously-unknown affinity to wolfysuits, her body transformed into that of a futanari wolfgirl while she was inside. When she took it off, she was shocked to find that her body was now very similar to that of the wolfysuit, and that the pawprint tattoo on the wolfysuit's hip disappeared and was now on her own hip.

When first going out in public, fully covered up, she realized that everyone still perceived her as before, despite the obvious change in breast size and the massive bulge in her pants. This became even more obvious when her pants ripped open and revealed her erect cock to her friends, but they didn't react at all.

After slowly testing how far the perception goes, eventually going out completely naked in public without anyone reacting, she revealed her situation to Jordan, who initially thought she was joking around. However, she was able to "include" Jordan temporarily in her reality warp, showing him her body and telling him to grope her. After a few minutes, her appearance returned to normal, but Jordan remembered her wolfy form and was aware of the change in perception and its effects.

Isabella's living space slowly changed itself to fit her new wolfy body due to her lifestyle curse, including having her clothes all change into latex, swimsuits, or lingerie; having collars appear in her wardrobe; having dildos appear in her room; and her furniture slowly changing into a resilient latex variety. Most of this was perceived as normal by others.


Eventually, after Jordan's transformation into a female puredoll, he made his dildocock into something that Isabella could wear over her own futanari cock, giving her a large amount of pleasure. In exchange, she tried her best to extend the reality shift to her new dollfriend permanently.

Isabella eventually discovers Flyck and begins to stream on it, relatively turned on by the fact that everyone watching her doesn't perceive her doing lewd things, even as far as moving the camera right up to her pussy, or fucking Jordan on-stream. She finds it hilarious that one of the most popular clips of her, perceived as her panicking while beating a boss in a game, was actually her filling Jordan up while they both fuck each other silly.


Jordan is Isabella's de facto significant other, due to being friends, sharing her secret, and becoming a sextoy and making it harder for her to return to normal. Jordan is frequently at Isabella's house as a sanity check regarding what she is perceived as, as well as a casual way to fuel her kinks.

Isabella is friends with Nano, mostly because she's one of the only other people that can always perceive her true wolfy form.

Powers and abilities

I know you say you're riding two horsecock dildos, but it just looks like you're reading a book.

Isabella is perceived by most of the population as a regular girl in regular situations, despite her wolfy body constantly making sure of the opposite. This is because of some sort of unknown reality warp making it seem like she is the only one that is living in an acceptable free-use situation. These altered perceptions are equally effective whether they're in person or via a recording of some sort. After a while, Isabella is also able to include others in this reality warp. For instance, after some testing:

  • Walking around in public while naked will make others perceive her to be walking around dressed normally.
  • Playing with herself in public, such as on a bus or train, will generally be ignored, and perceived as normal sitting or standing.
  • Having sex with a stranger in public will usually be seen as her shaking hands with, or standing next to said person. This is true even for the person she's having sex with, unless she makes them aware (such as with Jordan).
  • Making someone fellate her futanari self is seen as her giving a drink to that person.
  • Stripping in public is seen as slight fidgeting.
  • Talking while gagged and bound is understood perfectly by those around her.

The only way to break through it is via sheer desire and willpower to show herself to someone else, as she did with Jordan. While the change in perception is temporary, the target is then at least aware that they are not perceiving her properly.

Isabella has a mild lifestyle curse that slightly changes her surroundings to fit her new body. A significant portion of her regular outfits slowly turned into different types of swimsuits, lingerie, or latex. Different sextoys also appear in her house/room.

In addition to the reality warp perception, Isabella has abilities similar to those of other wolfgirls, including extreme resistance to cold, increased strength, a more durable body, and the sexual abilities and desires that come with that.

Items and equipment

  • Latex swimsuit - A gold latex swimsuit with black and blue highlights. It's a bit too small for her body, so it stretches easily, giving a transparent look around various parts of her body.
  • Collar - A black collar with "SLUT" in large golden letters. The lettering occasionally changes due to her lifestyle curse, willpower, and mood.
  • Jordan's dildocock - Given to her by Jordan, the dildocock seems to satisfy Isabella's urges a lot better than most of her other toys. It goes through a lot of changes, such as Isabella using it as a condom, or mounting it to a wall. It also changes form due to the lifestyle curse, such as into a massive horsecock.


This also gave me the idea for someone who isn't perceived at all, similar to a ghost.

Possible alternative idea: others perceive her properly, but act normally anyway, as if her being completely naked and collared is a normal thing.

Likely cause of perception issue: a strong desire to have nobody see her "like that" again while taking off her wolfysuit during the transformation.


Add more examples of perception vs reality.