Jordan Vesta

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Jordan Vesta
File:Jordan avatar.jpg
Jordan as a puredoll.
Homeland Canada
Sex Futanari
Sexual preference Any
Fetishes Exhibitionism
Casual use
Race Puredoll
Profession Student
Age 21
Hair colour Red
Eye colour Brown
Latex skin colour Black
Cup size T
Cock size (in.) 10

Jordan Vesta was a male human that got transformed into a female puredoll. Her body is hypersexualized based on her own preferences. She lives with Isabella after moving in with her.


Jordan was a male that was slightly taller than average, but with a relatively thin and fit body. He had short red hair and brown eyes. His face and body tended to look very androgynous. He usually wore relatively sporty clothes, like basketball shorts, sneakers and t-shirts. This is how he is usually perceived when affected by Isabella's reality warp.

While Jordan didn't do it regularly, he also had no problem wearing super-feminine clothing, such as skimpy maid outfits, swimsuits, and the like.


My tits are bigger than yours, and your cock is bigger than mine. It balances out.
—Jordan, to Isabella post-puredoll transformation

After being turned into a puredoll, Jordan's appearance changed a lot, the most obvious one being from male to mostly female. Her entire body changed into black latex and reshaped itself, fueled by Isabella's lust. She shrank down a few inches, making her shorter than average instead of slightly taller. She kept her short red hair, although it turned into shiny latex. Her androgynous face remained the same, aside from having her skin turn black and her voice turning more feminine. The rest of her body turned into what most would consider a parody of a sexdoll. She grew enormous fake-looking breasts with heart-shaped nipples that were soft, yet rigid on her body. Her hips and thighs grew thicker to complement her new bubble butt, and her waist shrank a bit to emphasize those changes even more. Her ass, mouth and newly-formed pussy developed a texture resembling that of an inflatable doll, and her former cock turned into a dildocock that she could attach or remove at will. Similar to Isabella, her body lost most of its hair, aside from some now-latex pubic hair in the shape of a red heart. Her body also got more emphasized abs and muscles, although they weren't too drastic a change from her human form. After her transformation, she also reformed her feet so that they are a pair of ballet heels that are a part of her, and left on her toes unless absolutely necessary. Due to the latex transformation, her body is also extremely flexible and stretchable, allowing her to contort in an amazing way, as well as being inflated to extreme sizes. Her body is almost constantly lustful, leaving her visibly dripping wet. Despite looking fit and slightly muscular, most of Jordan's body is very soft and cuddly.

Jordan's dildocock is linked to her senses even when detached from her body. This can result in a "phantom cock syndrome" when Isabella uses it for various reasons. While she gave her dildocock to Isabella as a gift, she can still attach it to herself and "melt" it into her body to hide it, but she usually avoids hiding it in that way. Due to Isabella's lifestyle curse and her usage of it, the dildocock occasionally changes shape, size, and colour, due to it technically belonging to her.

As a puredoll, Jordan can control her body to create new latex clothing to wear for herself, or reshape her body to a slight extent. She wears a collar of her own making similar to Isabella's, but with personally-chosen phrases and words written on it, usually defaulting to "DOLL". While she rarely wears any actual clothing when in Isabella's presence, she does have a pseudo-wardrobe for different occasions. She usually makes a skintight near-transparent red dress that just barely covers her crotch and nipples. She has a rubber maid outfit for when she's doing chores, at a similar cut. For a swimsuit, she either wears a one-piece swimsuit similar to Isabella's that's gold with black and red detailing, or a red sling microbikini. Occasionally, when Isabella has a surge of willpower, she is able to control what Jordan wears to some extent, as well as "freezing" certain parts so that Jordan can't form clothing herself without permission.

To tease Isabella, she can also give herself wolfy ears and a functional rubber wolftail.

Due to Jordan's enjoyment of being a slutty puredoll, she constantly thinks of ways to be even more over-the-top and things to implement for herself. Some things she's thought about doing are adding built-in D-rings to her body, getting nipple piercings similar to Cassie's, or having her hands balled up for extended periods of time.

Jordan has the biggest "unexpanded" breasts out of anyone else she meets, even Laguna, which she takes pride in as a former male.

Personality and traits

Come on, let's go out and show off these pornstar tits of ours!

Jordan has an energetic and cheerful personality. She is easily excitable and bubbly, frequently trying new things. She is also relatively carefree, moving through life and worrying about most consequences later.

Jordan also has a mischievous and teasing side to her, frequently toying with others. She acts like a slut whenever given the chance, especially when she's alone with Isabella. This can be seen when she does things to intentionally arouse her, such as bending over to "tie a shoelace", and insists on giving into her wolfy body's urges.

While Jordan is generally hedonistic and erotic, she is also responsible in her actions and does things to help out. She cooks and cleans despite doing so in a maid outfit. She helps Isabella with her body despite also using it for her own pleasure. She does what Isabella asks when it's to help her be more comfortable in her new body, even if it isn't necessarily erotic for her.

Jordan can have her personality and speech patterns slightly shifted due to Isabella's lust in certain cases. For instance, she is sometimes unable to refer to Isabella by her name, instead calling her by a title such as "mistress" or "slut". Her speech can sometimes turn into that of a valley girl, or certain words are replaced with moos. This usually excites her and she's willing to go along with it; her favourite changes tend to be along the lines of becoming bimbofied.

While she does have switchy tendencies, Jordan sees herself more in a dommy role, especially with Isabella.

Gender identity

Jordan was comfortable with her gender identity, even as a male before the puredoll conversion, and didn't shy away from things such as wearing girly lingerie. After the transformation, when asked what pronouns to refer to her by, she didn't really care as she found both options equally hot:

  • Being referred to as "he" reminds her that she has a more feminine than masculine form now, which arouses her. She's usually referred to as such when under the effects of Isabella's reality warp, and is perceived as she was before her transformation into a puredoll.
  • Being referred to as "she" reminds her that she used to be a male, and still has a cock, which arouses her.

Despite that, most people aware of her form refer to her as a female.



Jordan is extremely close with Isabella, her de facto significant other. Jordan usually teases Isabella's body with her own, but ultimately cares deeply for her. She frequently helps with Isabella's reality warp by saying what she's perceived as doing, as well as helping around the house.

Jordan likes Cassie and Brooke due to being fellow puredolls.

Powers and abilities

Jordan has the ability to slightly reform her latex body to create clothes for herself. However, these clothes cannot be shared with others by taking them off. She can also use this power to change things like the text on her collar.

Jordan's dildocock has a variety of uses and abilities. It is able to be merged into her, or attached to her or other puredolls. When detached, she still experiences its sensations, which allows her to feel it being used as a dildo by someone. Alternatively, it can be used as a sheath or onahole of sorts, giving a unique sensation as it is stretched from within.

While not a power of Jordan's per se, she can be enveloped by Isabella's reality warp so that everyone around her perceives her in her previous androgynous male human form. She is perceived as distinctly female under certain unknown circumstances.

Due to being a puredoll "object" and not technically a person anymore, Isabella has a degree of influence over Jordan due to the unique combination of wolfy willpower, Isabella's lifestyle curse, and her puredoll body's response to the lust of others. This can range from changes in clothing, to being unable to change herself, to changes in speech patterns and thoughts as a form of mild and temporary hypnosis. It also has the effect of adaptation on her body, which slowly changes based on Isabella's desires and actions.

Items and equipment

  • Dildocock - Jordan's former cock turned into a dildo, with the ability to feel sensation even when detached from her. Given to Isabella as a gift.
  • Collar - Technically a part of her body. Able to change the text on it at will.


Isabella and Jordan leave each other in a lusty feedback loop. Isabella's body adapts to Jordan's body, which then adapts itself to Isabella's new body...

Jordan's puredoll form should basically look like a Bermasin picture.

Unsure regarding the colour theme for Jordan. I think the red hair's a good idea, but I think that the skin should be switched from black to silver. The eye colour may need tweaking as well, since brown is a boring colour.

Unsure if Jordan's entire body should be converted or if the conversion should "stop" at the neck, similar to Brooke but with a gradient instead of a collar.

Jordan's puredoll conversion was supposed to cause a transformation into a male puredoll, but *something* happened and became a female.


Add examples of interactions with others, especially Isabella.