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Her Shiny Majesty Laguna of Aureus
File:Laguna portrait.jpg
Laguna concept art
Homeland Aureus
Sex Female
Sexual preference Any
Fetishes Latex
Race Aurean
Profession Queen
Age 47
Title Her Shiny Majesty
Hair colour Blue?
Eye colour Gold?
Skin colour Normal
Latex skin colour Light blue
Armor Magitex
Cup size M
Magic info
Mana 600
Magic affinity Very strong
Magic resistance Strong

Laguna is the elected queen-for-life of Aureus. She is a magitex witch, specializing in rubbermancy, being one of the most powerful rubbermancers in the world. She has a great interest in the human world due to their advanced technology.

Laguna is Rio's mother.



Laguna is slightly above-average in terms of height. She possesses a youthful look, as if she was Rio's sister despite being her mother. She has waist-length blue hair, complemented by her light-blue magitex skin, permanently merged with her body as is tradition for Aurean royalty. The first thing that most people notice about her is the size of her breasts, being naturally massive even in the context of other witches. (The only person who seems to have breasts that compare to hers is Cassie.)

Laguna usually wears a golden sling bikini as casualwear, defaulting to a transluscent golden dress with a short skirt for "formal" events as queen. She tends to wear golden latex gloves combined with thigh-high boots of the same colour.

Laguna has several accessories, including prominent nipple piercings faceted with gems to aid with spellcasting, and earrings with small mana stones. Instead of a hat, she wears a crown with magical properties [Undecided!]. She also wears a golden arm band on her right forearm, embedded with more gems.

Personality and traits

  • Carefree and absentminded
  • Loves Rio deeply and wants her to be happy



  • Loves Rio deeply and wants her to be happy
  • Friends with Lynn due to Rio being friends with Brooke

Powers and abilities



  • Should have a similar relationship with Rio as Lynn has with Brooke.