Lauren Laurent

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Lauren Laurent
Lauren in her witch form.
Homeland Canada
Sex Futanari
Sexual preference Male
Fetishes Latex
Mind control
Race Human
Profession Office worker
Age 29
Alias Goddess' Blessing
Hair colour Brown
Eye colour Blue
Skin colour Normal
Latex skin colour Purple
Armor Magitex skin
Cup size F
Magic info
Mana 500
Magic affinity Weak
Magic resistance Strong

Lauren Laurent was a female human with magic potential, that eventually got turned into a magitex witch. Due to being raised in the human world, she prefers to stay there, not having much contact with other witches.


Lauren is of about average height with a relatively thin build that makes her breasts stand out due to their size. She has blue eyes, and shoulder-length hair that's at a shade between a light brown and sandy blonde.

In her latex witch form, she has purplish-pink magitex skin, similar to the witch that transformed her into one. On top of that, she usually wears a see-through black swimsuit. She wears a black hat, more out of appearance's sake than for its magical abilities.

As a "gift" during her conversion, the Goddess granted her a thick latex cock to go with her body, even bigger than that of her drone. Lauren usually tries to hide it, but it is difficult to do all the time, as it is "like trying to keep your gut sucked in forever".


Lauren is a straightforward girl that's usually very lively. She is usually calm, high-spirited, and cheerful, helping people whenever she can. She tends to be more shy and subdued when talking with others.

Because of her recent status as a latex witch, and her encounters with other witches, she is still relatively easily embarrassed by lewd acts.


Lauren's initial conversion by the Goddess.