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A magecock is an arcane representation of someone's cock, giving it superhuman effects with the usage of mana. Despite its great and wanted effects, casting it is mostly considered not worth it due to its casting difficulty and usually short duration. A magecock typically has some sort of visible glow.


At its core, Magecock is a spell that facilitates magical adaptation for its owner's cock. Through sheer force of will or desire, the magecock is able to change its physical properties, such as length, girth, cum volume, testicle size, sensitivity, refractory period, shape, and even taste and texture. This can be used by its owner to, for instance, equip themself with a canine cock and constantly orgasm, guaranteeing cumflation of their "target". Another example would be to create a massive horse cock for someone to worship, releasing pheromones to entice them.

Unfortunately, the magecock usually has a relatively short duration, about fifteen to twenty minutes. This can be controlled with practice, but it rarely goes above half an hour at a time.

When a magecock wears off, it restores its owner's original cock.


The spell required to give someone a magecock is rather complex, requiring great knowledge and contentration to do so. Casting it also comes with an assumed requirement that the target is male, as it doesn't work on futanari. Casting it usually gives a tingling feeling throughout the crotch, followed by a slight glowing effect.


  • The main character should be given one by Seraphina as a way to extract more mana, and due to affinity, his is permanent. It's not as controllable due to his lack of experience with magic.