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A magicgate, usually shortened to gate, is a ring created by enchanting a coruscatium alloy/amalgam. It functions as a portal-like device between two places, allowing movement of objects between them.


A magicgate is a metallic-looking circular band that tends to vary in size, from a few inches in diameter up to about a foot. Magicgates can be "stretched" for short amounts of time, increasing their size, before returning to normal.

Magicgates are made primarily from a coruscatium alloy, which gives them a unique gleam when exposed directly to sunlight. A magicgate made in a "strict" way tends to be white with a hint of red.

There is a minor tolerance allowed within the coruscatium alloy, however, meaning that magicgates tend to be of different shades and colours for decorative purposes. They don't tend to affect how the magicgate performs, and one colour is not necessarily seen as rarer or more desirable than any other.


A magicgate can be either in an inactive or an active state. While inactive, gates are nothing more than shiny rings. However, a gate can be linked to any other gate, switching it over to an activated state. When linked, a gate allows instant transportation from one gate's openings to the other's. While this can be used for simple logistics, it is mostly used by witches and sorceresses as kinky entertainment.

A single magicgate has its uses, but gates are usually places in groups of two. That way, they can be linked together, and the individual rings can be moved as needed. This can create the illusion of attaching and detaching certain items from each other.


While there is a lot of tolerance in the creation of a magicgate, it is extremely difficult to make one. Few sorceresses know how to make them.

Seraphina and Rio managed to create something similar to a magicgate rune, allowing something similar to a magicgate tattoo on somebody's body. This is heavily used by Lynn as she becomes addicted to the concept.



When linked, one end of the gate is blocked, while the other end allows instant movement to the other gate.


Only able to link one gate to another at one time. Gates have to be unlinked before they can be used again.

Gates can't be bigger than about a foot or two in diameter, at least without some powerful magic.



Maybe switch from magicgate to something like "gateway"? Or maybe just go with "portal"?