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Magitex is a form of latex created by witches. It is harvested in a process similar to that of regular latex from a rubber tree infused with certain magic. It then undergoes rigorous processing to infuse it with appropriate properties, ranging from heat resistance to extreme resilience.


The word magitex is a portmanteau of the words magic and latex.


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Due to the many prerequisites to create magitex, it is typically produced in small batches, and only used for specific purposes. It is usually sold for a very high price.


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Physical properties

Magitex is a lightweight material, able to be shaped into almost any form. It has almost no electrical conductivity.

Magitex can be almost any colour, depending on how it's processed. It is almost always incredibly reflective, giving off a noticeable sheen. High-quality magitex tends to have a metallic or pearlescent look to it.

Magitex is incredibly flexible and elastic, to the point of being considered physically indestructible. It is able to stretch over 100 times its relaxed size and return to its normal form. Even beyond that, it only loses a bit of elasticity, which can be regenerated using high heat or a negligible amount of mana.

Chemical properties

Magitex is largely inert to any chemical reactions. One can be encased in it, dipped in extremely strong acids or bases, and come out with zero harm.

Magical properties

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Unsure about production. Split between having dedicated plants to make the raw material, making it grow with lust and bodily fluids, or having people (plant-witches?) make it within their bodies.