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Mana is a form of energy that exists in the world. It is not observable by modern technical means, but it can be detected by different items. Witches tend to have an innate sense for detecting the amount of mana around there.

The term mana is also used to notate a person's maximum magical capacity.


Mana is the core of magic use. Without mana, a lot of magic would be unusable by witches, as few spells don't use mana in their casting.

Mana is similar to using energy to release chemical bonds: it is the energy used to force a particular spell to be cast, in a way. For instance, flammable materials don't set fire to themselves on their own; they need a bit of energy in the form of lots of concentrated heat to be lit up. The same is true of magic; mana is that "heat".


A witch's proficiency with mana indicates how much she needs to cast a particular spell. It also depicts how "efficient" a witch is with it. For instance, a relatively experienced witch may cast a particular spell with only 50 mana, while an inexperienced with may need 100 or more to do so. An experienced witch, on the other hand, may be able to cast it with 10 mana or less (even 0) due to being aware of how to use that energy to its fullest extent possible.


Magic users tend to regenerate mana naturally from the environment, if a bit slowly, at a rate of approximately 10 units per day. However, there are many ways to regenerate it faster, such as with food prepared with magical plants. The most reliable and common way among witches to regenerate mana is at mana springs, due to the combination of relaxation and fast recovery.

A less common, but still viable, method of regenerating mana would be via mana stones. The reason this is less common, however, is because of not only the rarity of mana stones themselves, but due to having to recharge them manually with one's mana, and the inefficiency in doing so. For instance, using 100 mana to recharge a stone would usually only give 50 back when trying to extract mana from it. One popular way around this limitation is having the mana stone closer to the source. As such, gem plugs have become a popular way of storing and recharging mana among witches. Some bigger mana stones are made into dildoes, as well.

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