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Marmar in latex.jpg
Marmar in a latex outfit.
Homeland Germany
Sex Female
Sexual preference Any
Fetishes Corgi
Race Human
Profession Artist
Age 30
Hair colour Brown
Eye colour Brown
Skin colour Light
Cup size Coffee mug

Marmar is an artist, specializing in lewd drawings. Her alter-ego is a latex-clad witch that specializes in lewd drawings. She wears a magitex suit that she believes improves her art skills, although the effect is largely wikt:psychosomatic.


Marmar looks to be of about average height, with brown hair and eyes. She usually wears a plaid shirt over the rest of her clothing. Her efforts to keep fit have paid off, giving her a lithe body and flexible limbs.

In her alter-ego witch form, Marmar wears a magitex bodysuit that ends at her thighs and shoulders. She believes it helps her art skills at the cost of having to draw anything that is requested of her. In fact, she doesn't seem to realize that the effect is largely imagined. She continues to obey others' requests despite not realizing she doesn't have to do so.

Personality and traits

Marmar is a kind and gentle artist, willing to help anyone who asks her. She loves to draw things for others, and frequently draws people in poses as they request them. Rumour among other witches is that if Marmar draws two amiable people doing something lewd, they will eventually do that thing within the week. As such, they frequently seek her out to draw things. This has caused her to gain fame in the witchworld as a sort of fortune teller.

Due to Marmar's corgi curse, she tends to attract them wherever she goes. Corgi lovers follow her around to watch as they appear out of nowhere to cuddle with her.

Powers and abilities

  • Art - The ability to create amazing art on demand.
  • Plaid - The ability to wear plaid on demand.
  • Corgi curse - The ability to attract corgis wherever she goes.


  • Magical pen - Drawing with this pen allows a greater degree of realism, almost as if magical energy was poured into the art.