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File:Nano concept.png
Concept art for Nano
Homeland Canada
Sex Female
Sexual preference Male
Fetishes Maids
Mind control
Race Human
Profession Programmer
Title TBD
Alias Nano One
Hair colour Green
Eye colour Green
Latex skin colour Black
Cup size F

Nano (also known as Nano One due to being the first of her kind) is a girl who has her mind inside the body of a nanotex bot. She is able to access and alter her programming, but due to the alpha state of the software, it usually ends up with unintended consequences, such as her permanent kink for being a maid.

Nano renamed herself due to having a nanotex body consisting of nanites, as well as having a nanovisor built right into her body.

It is unknown if her nanotex body is due to the nanites inside her slowly converted her into nanotex, or if she simply uploaded her mind into a bot that she designed.


Nano has the appearance of a tall, lithe woman. She has black, shiny nanotex skin that has a shimmering effect when she moves, proving to be as hypnotic as certain magitex variants. She has a blank drone-like face that contains a custom set of LED lights to show her eyes, showing when she has them "open" or "closed". This is hooked into her body at a low level, so she can't fake seeing something when her eyes are shown as closed. While she occasionally chooses to go without having a head of hair, she usually has a short hairstyle with a black-to-green gradient from the roots to the tips. Her lips are a similar green shade. She gave herself large, purposefully fake looking breasts to emphasize her artificial nature. Along with that, she has a massive butt, due to her body's adaptation to her environment as a programmer.

Nano's entire body has a colour scheme of black with a strong green tone, evoking stereotypical "hacker" themes. She has circuit-style designs that go across her body, giving her more of a cybernetic look. Because of the nanites in her body and her own work, she has the ability to make a scannable QR code anywhere on her body that changes dynamically based on what she wants to show. These codes are usually found on her left breast, above her crotch, on her thighs or butt, or as a tramp stamp. Occasionally she may make them on her forehead or on the back of her head, as well.

Nano also has a prehensile tail that acts mostly on its own. Its structure is reminiscent of a thick tentacle with a cock at the tip. It has a similar green detailing as seen on the rest of her body.

Nano can control what clothing her body can make to wear, to some extent. Mostly by choice, she wears a green or silver leotard that is mostly transparent, more as a fashion statement than as an act of decency. Despite having perfect vision, she wears a set of glasses. Due a glitch in her programming, Nano accidentally gave herself a command that forces her feet into an en pointe position, forcing her to always wear high heels of some sort, or to walk around on her toes.

Nano has three separate bodies, all of them almost identical. She swaps between them at will with her nanovisor, although she prefers to stay in her "original" body. She usually keeps the two other bodies in storage, as she doesn't need them and can't use them, but they are occasionally used by Aife.

It has been noted that she looks a bit similar to Cassie due to the black latex doll look and the designs on their bodies.

Personality and traits

Nano is a curious girl. While she has a tendency to be introverted, she's not exactly shy when it comes to dealing with others. She loves technology and researching new things, which is how she became so interested in converting herself into a doll: the new hardware architecture intrigued her, and who better to go through with it than herself? While she greatly enjoys the sensations and experiments within her new body, she can legitimately claim that she is usually doing her experiments for science and not for pleasure.

Nano's tail seems to have a mind of its own, based on Nano's subconscious thoughts and feelings. Since she is new to the feeling, she sometimes has trouble controlling it, and it does things without her realizing it. For instance, she sometimes lays on the couch to watch TV, taking a while to realize that she's masturbating with her tail, then continuing to do so willingly. This was confirmed when she was hypnotized into believing she was a puppy, and having her tail wagging like a dog's without attempting anything lewd.

While Nano wants to help people, she is terrible at reading their emotions, and tends to assume that others' needs are similar to hers.

Nano's thoughts can occasionally be scanned, as they are shown via QR code on her body if she's not careful.

Nano tends to be on the more submissive side of the spectrum, frequently giving people access to her configuration and asking them to toy around with her, as well as having a mobile QR code on her body that allows people scanning it to control her (with her permission). This occasionally leads to unintended consequences when a glitch is found, such as permanent burnt-in triggers and behaviours. Her submissive tendencies, as well as her slightly glitchy body, have led to odd situations where she's in her maid form, blankly awaiting orders from a piece of technology that she accidentally interfaced with, such as a microwave. She has occasionally been caught thinking that her vibrator is her master.



  • Nano is friends with Aife, as they complement each other fairly well as a bot and an AI. She tends to be Aife's plaything more than anything, though.
  • Nano is well-acquainted with Cassie and Brooke due to their similar situations.
  • Nano is roommates with Dorothy, as well as Nano's primary Mistress when it comes to controlling her. Dorothy doesn't quite view her that way, but plays along for obvious reasons.

Powers, abilities, and traits

As a bot, Nano has a HUD built into her vision, allowing her to see statistics and notifications as needed. This includes things like error messages and console output, as well as emails, texts, and IRC logs.

Nano has a built-in nanovisor in her hardware, allowing her mind to swap in and out of other nanovisor compatible bodies at will. She is also able to control more than one body at a time, although it takes significant concentration and strain to do so.

With the nanites in her body, Nano is temporarily able to assimilate others around her, turning them into nanodolls and possibly controlling them. She also has the ability to install nanovisor in others, although she rarely does so except with consent, like with Dorothy. She can also revert them back to normal at will, leaving no trace that they were converted into nanodolls.

Due to her nanites, Nano has minor shapeshifting and regenerative abilities. She is able to create whatever clothes she needs from scratch, as well as slightly reform her body over time, such as changing her three sizes. Her regeneration was discovered when she cut herself while cooking and saw herself heal. She also has the ability to absorb certain pieces of technology and integrate them into herself, such as using her phone as a vibrator and having conversations with others while not actually speaking out loud.

Nano is fully programmable and accessible via various hardware and software methods, able to be altered at a low level using Mindscript. She has a web interface that she designed herself, and has rough equivalents to most basic programs such as dd, rm, cp, and the like.

After a bit of research and practice, Nano can control rubber tentacles that she hid around the house in a method similar to her tail.


Nano created a mobile app that allows anyone that has it to control her configurations, settings, and other things. It's mostly secure, in that she has to approve who accesses it and who has permissions. One easy way to get it is to ask to scan her body, as she can manifest a QR code on it that allows access. Users are able to do various things with her, depending on permissions, but the default example she gives others is a big "orgasm" button right on their screen that works.

Nano gives people she trusts near-complete access to her systems, such that an interface isn't needed and one can ssh into her to play around.


My boobs still tingle whenever I play with my ass.

Nano is programmable, but her mind is still human. Since she doesn't fully understand the underlying hardware and software, she may experience glitches and commands may burn into her mind and consciousness for an extended period of time, sometimes permanently. She is fine with most of them, if a bit annoyed due to their inconvenience, since she considers this a cost in the pursuit of science and knowledge. They are very difficult to reverse since they are not code or part of her actual body, or her body's nanites are unable to reverse the effects completely.

  • Maid - Nano has an incredible urge to clean up messes in her house, so much so that her body forms a frilly maid outfit as clothing when she feels it. It is a remnant of when she first got converted, and was the first extended command given to her by Dorothy when they weren't aware of burn-in.
  • High heels - Due to a programming glitch, Nano was forced to always wear either high heels, or stand on her tiptoes. She plans to eventually get around to fixing it, but figures it's not worth the effort, considering she doesn't mind it.
  • Hypersensitivity - Nano once tried to set her body to a high sensitivity, then had her "senses" from her breasts, mouth, and pussy concentrated to her ass. This allowed her to experience pleasure in all of her sensitive areas during anal sex, at a much higher than normal level. This had an overload effect, causing her to have higher sensitivity in her ass, despite the rest of her body returning to normal after that. She also feels a bit of pleasure in her other sensitive spots during anal. Nano plans to experiment with this some more.
  • Name - Nano accidentally erased her name when playing with her new body, and was unable to restore it, despite knowing what it was. After some teasing and lewd renaming by Dorothy, she renamed herself to Nano.



Nano is an excuse to make a tech-oriented doll, and an outlet for stuff that may be too much for Eve.

...may be almost identical to Mint in terms of design. Need to look into differentiation.


  • Give Nano some cat ears?
  • Possibly remove the assimilation ability, as it reminds me too much of Modeseven's Ami
  • Have her face have a visor for her eyes, instead of just being LED pixels on her face
  • Change location of hypersensitivity (or maybe have it alter every so often. "No, my tongue is my sensitive spot today~")
  • Compulsive sleep cuddler, wraps her tail around others nearby to get closer to them
  • Could be based on alien tech?
  • Possible situation: rewrite so Nano is simply Dorothy who had her mind cloned into the body
  • Nano could constantly generate energy, but not enough to constantly keep functioning. Thus, naps and regular sleep schedules. She could store the energy in her "muscles and fat", thus making her butt one giant battery.
    • "How it works: A complex controlled pneumatic filling added a container system in permanent rotation. The buoyant force is converted into kinetic energy via a gear system driving a generator."
  • Could have a visible battery indicator somewhere, like on her forearm, back, or the inside of her thigh.