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File:Nari portrait.png
Nari reference pic.
Homeland Aureus
Sex Futanari
Sexual preference Any
Fetishes Cock worship
Race Aurean
Profession Shopkeeper
Age 49
Hair colour Brown
Eye colour Brown
Skin colour Light
Cup size D
Cock size (in.) 18
Magic info
Mana 200
Magic level 60
Magic affinity Strong
Magic resistance Strong

Nari is an Aurean sorceress, taking up residence in Raymere. She owns and operates the Third Wish, a shop that sells magical items and ingredients. She enjoys teasing her customers with magic they've likely never seen before. She's known among sorceresses for her love of cocks, especially her own.


Nari is a slightly above-average height witch with a very slim build. She has almost waist-length brown hair and rich brown eyes, with skin of average complexion. While she has ample breasts, Nari is a lot more proud of her cock size (about a foot and a half), exceeding even Isabella's actual size. She can alter its size with her magic, but she likes subtly showing it off.

Nari wears silver thigh highs and a silver bodysuit with orange detailing. Her clothing is usually some variety of latex or magitex. Her clothing typically has some sort of rubber lacing on it, such as the laces on the back of her bodysuit and on her thigh highs.

Personality and traits

Nari loves to tease people with her magic and her store products.

Nari loves cock of all shapes and sizes, particularly her own. She loves not-so-subtly showing off the bulge in her bodysuit to people, as well as pressing it against people who won't be bothered by it.


Nari was a well-known sorceress in Aureus before moving to Raymere and setting up her magic shop.


Powers, abilities, and traits

  • Hypnosis
  • Sorcery - the ability to create new magic items. Nari focuses her abilities on items that require little to no magical ability to use.



Obviously, Nari is short for futanari.