Onyx Blackstone

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Onyx Blackstone
Onyx concept.png
Onyx in her "comfortable" clothing.
Homeland America
Sex Female
Sexual preference Any
Fetishes Latex
Race Human
Profession Tax Consultant
Age 24
Hair colour Black
Eye colour Purple
Skin colour Pale
Cup size F
Magic info
Magic affinity Medium
Magic resistance High

Onyx Blackstone is a girl who, due to being in proximity to Alex Greenfield as her roommate, had Alex's bimbo lifestyle curse inadvertently alter her body to that of a latex goth bimbo. Due to her high resistance to magic, most of her mental changes were fairly minor, leaving her in a good place to take advantage of her situation. While she is aware of the existence of magic and witches, she doesn't show particular interest in either unless she thinks of a way in which it might benefit her.

While she's frustrated at the effects the bimbo lifestyle curse has on her despite not being the main target of it, Onyx doesn't mind much since her transformation resulted in her popularity on Flyck skyrocketing.


Horny goth bimbos with big tits are surprisingly popular. Who could've guessed?

Onyx is of slightly below average height and weight. Most of her appearance and her body is a result of Alex's bimbo lifestyle curse. She has shoulder-length black hair with an unnatural straightness and shine to it, almost as if it was made of latex. She has very pale white skin, and her entire body can almost be considered to be monochrome, save for her vivid purple eyes. She has very large, fake-looking breasts with black heart-shaped nipples that appear to be made from latex, along with steel nipple piercings that she's unable to remove. She is slightly plump, and has a thick butt and thighs. She has a reverse tramp stamp above her crotch that is also black and reflective, as if latex was used, which draws attention to the permanent and prominent clit piercing she has.

Due to the effects of the curse, Onyx's appearance is automatically kept up; she appears to wear black lipstick and eyeshadow despite never applying it, as well as having her nails painted black despite not having nail polish. She doesn't seem to gain weight except around her butt, thighs, and breasts. Her clothes all turn into some form of monochrome latex bodysuit, fishnets, or lingerie. She also can't get a tan, remaining very pale no matter how much she stays out in the sun. Due to her resistance to the curse, however, Onyx's clothing only automatically does minor tweaks according to her intent, instead of major changes according to what the curse feels she should be doing. She usually wears either a fishnet bodysuit or a latex microbikini in private, but usually goes out in public wearing wet-look yoga pants and a t-shirt or tube top.

All clothing that Onyx wears turns into a sexier version suitable for her persona, due to the curse's effects. For instance, when Onyx tries to put on a pair of jeans, they slowly transform into latex yoga pants; trying to put on a pair of underwear turns it into a black thong; all bras turn into monochrome bikini tops. This extends to other items as well; when Onyx tried to wear a pink strap-on, it grew in length and turned black. Onyx takes heavy advantage of these changes, as she doesn't mind the different clothing.

Personality and traits

Onyx is mostly apathetic towards others, being relatively self-absorbed. She became a bit more hedonistic after getting her new body, slightly enhanced by the mental changes that came with the curse.

Due to her resistance to the lifestyle curse, Onyx's mind is mostly intact, but it does contain some elements that stand out. Despite her goth look, she is peppy and upbeat like a stereotypical bimbo. She used to be straight but was altered to be more bisexual. She still has her normal memories and is aware of the curse's tendency to alter them, but she also knows what memories the curse tries to implant, since she also "remembers" those. The only thing that it managed to rewrite completely is her name; she and a few other people know that her name was changed to Onyx Blackstone from something else, but all her personal documents and everyone's memories of her old name were erased and rewritten. She is also aware that she used to look different, but can't recall most details of what she used to look like.

Despite being inconvenienced, Onyx doesn't mind the curse so much and takes advantage of it a lot. She eats a lot more than she used to, knowing that she can't gain much weight. She buys clothing at a discount and waits for the curse to change them into new and shiny ones that match her style. She used it to cater to her fetish for anal, training herself until she could orgasm from barely being teased. While it seems that the curse also gave her an exhibitionism kink, Onyx always had one (despite her insisting otherwise), but also felt that it wasn't worth showing off an average body; the curse merely gave her an excuse to do so. She loves putting on a show, especially for those people that are willing to throw money at her for it, or give other forms of remuneration. She also subconsciously has a massive oral fixation as a bimbo, with a constant desire to lick and suck on things.

While Onyx is bisexual, she strongly prefers males or futas. She is also technically submissive and enjoys being told what to do, but she hates when people assume that she enjoys begging for people to do things to her.

Onyx enjoys teasing Lexi, since she knows that her mental faculties are intact but she is unable to express herself completely, or resist some suggestions.


Onyx in an uncharacteristic matte outfit.
Huh. No way that these look like anything other than implants.
—Onyx, after noticing the curse altering her breasts

Onyx used to be a normal woman with a regular job, sharing an apartment with Alex Greenfield. When Alex had a bimbo lifestyle curse embedded into her, she didn't think much of it at first, until it started effecting her as well due to its strength and insistence that a bimbo Lexi would live with other bimbos.

She barely registered any changes at first, since they started off subtle: her skin grew paler, she lost weight, and her breasts grew a bit bigger. She started noticing the effects of the curse when it started altering the apartment and her room: replacing her wardrobe with kinky clothing, sex toys of varying sizes appearing, lewd art suddenly materializing on the walls, and the apartment itself seeming to grow in size from the inside. By the time her breasts grew to their full size with their obviously-fake appearance, the piercings and tattoos appeared, and she "forgot" her old name, she was relatively used to the concept already and was already trying to see what the limits of the curse were, as well as analyzing her "new memories" to see what she could do.


  • Roommates and good friends with Lexi.

Powers and abilities

  • Normalization - despite her best efforts, Onyx maintains the appearance of a latex goth bimbo slut, including her appearance, some mannerisms, and the reality shifting around her.
  • Improved bimbo training - Easily develops skills related to her bimbofication.

Items and equipment

  • Permapiercings - Steel piercings on her nipples and clit that she is unable to remove.


  • TODO: Better profession
  • Possibly make her a futa? Goth futa dick seems like a fun idea, especially with Lexi.