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A permapiercing being worn.

A permapiercing is a piece of jewelry of Aurean origin. It consists of a regular piercing being inserted in the usual way, followed by an enchantment or ritual which causes them to be permanently attached to their wearer. The permanence doesn't need to be magical in origin, but as most permapiercings are created by and for Aureans, magic-based versions are the most common. Large and intricate permapiercings are a status symbol in Aureus.

While technically permanent, most permapiercings can be removed by skilled sorceresses.



Most magical permapiercings work by being put on regularly, due to having a break in them, followed by casting a spell to reshape the ring as appropriate. For instance, a common barbell ring piercing would be put on, then have the ring reshaped to create a solid circular band. This band would then be enchanted to be heavily resistant to any manipulation. A barbell piercing, on the other hand, would have the resistance enchantment applied so that the barbell is essentially stuck to the skin of the wearer.



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