Pink Talisman

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The Pink Talisman is a bar/cafe located in Southspell, run and operated by Raine. It specializes in serving witches, but is also decently popular among those that don't use magic.

The Pink Talisman is known for its waitresses, called the rubber maidens. [Undecided!]

Rubber maiden

A rubber maiden is a waitress that works at the Pink Talisman. They get their names due to them being dressed in full-body rubbersuits, or turned into rubberdolls.

The Pink Talisman is well-known for its use of full-body latex and rubber waitresses as a marketing tool, even though it's not the only one. While almost anyone can wear a rubber outfit, pure rubberdolls are a lot more rare. Due to Raine's skills with rubbermancy, rubberdolls are a lot more common at the Pink Talisman, and can be reshaped to look very attractive.

Mint coined the term "rubber maiden" as a form of self-description, as she felt that "rubber waitress" was too obvious and not catchy enough. This quickly caught on to describe the other waitresses as well.