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File:Quinn concept.png
Concept art for Quinn
Homeland Canada
Sex Female
Sexual preference Male
Fetishes TBD
Race Succubus
Age 32
Title Royal Succubus
Alias TBD
Hair colour Black
Eye colour Red
Skin colour Purple
Cup size F

Quinn is a human that got summoned to the witchworld and turned into a royal succubus. She is talented in her new role, figuring out their language and creating her own spells using their magic.


Quinn was of below average height and weight, but after her transformation, grew a lot. Her succubus form is much taller. She has a light purple skin shade, shared among other royal succubi. Her black hair is a remnant of when she was a human, and she gained the red eyes that are common in succubi as a whole. She has a tongue that's about a foot long.

As a royal succubus, Quinn has what some would consider a ridiculous figure, with wide hips and substantial breasts, but a comparatively tiny waist. This is one aspect of her new body that she's not comfortable with, so she usually wears a corset to make it seem like the waist is due to that. She wears a solid purple-metalled bracelet on her right arm.

Quinn has a runic tattoo above her crotch that is a symbol of royal succubi. She also has prominent nipple rings engraved with succubus runes.

Quinn wears Aurean fishnet nylons, a mini bikini, a short skirt that goes midway down her thighs, and a miniature corset to cover her waist. She sometimes uses a jewel plug when running errands to store mana for later.


Quinn can occasionally considered impulsive when she wants something, mostly ignoring consequences to get what she wants.


As a tourist from the First world, Quinn decided to conduct a small geological/archeological-themed expedition to the Galduar mountains, as she heard there were lots of great old caves to explore. Inside one of the caves, she found some old artifacts that she presumed were witch-related. She found a purple bracelet and put it on, unaware that it was actually an artifact of the succubus queen, catching her attention. She approved of Quinn and decided to turn her body into that of a royal succubus.

Quinn, at first, was apprehensive about her transformation, but eventually grew to like it, considering the reputation of royal succubi and discovering her new abilities. She decided to become an Aurean resident.


Powers, abilities, and traits

Quinn's fluids taste differently depending on who tastes them. They are said to have a sweet and enjoyable flavour, likely as a mechanism to attract people to her. Most of the staff of the Pink Talisman got their pseudonyms from identifying the taste after kissing her.



Appearance/colours are mostly placeholder.

"First world" refers to "our" modern world. Should change that.