Rings of Nari

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File:Rings of Nari.png
The rings of Nari.

The rings of Nari are two rings that were forged and enchanted by the sorceress Nari. They consist of a male and a female ring, corresponding to the traits that they bestow upon their wearers.


The two rings of Nari are very similar in appearance. They are both rings that have a black inside ring, with silver edges at both sides, inscribed runes along the center surrounding the ring, and a small but prominent socketed gem. However, where they mostly differ is in the colour schemes; the male version has blue engravings and a dark blue sapphire gem, while the female ring has pink engravings and a ruby gem.

The two rings are usually sized similar to other rings; however, due to their nature, they can shrink or grow in size as needed to suit their purpose.


The rings of Nari contain the essence of the gender that they represent, allowing their "wearers" to embody some of those traits, changing their bodies appropriately. The basic effect is the same for most wearers, but wearers who share a particular affinity with the rings' magic would get more of a transformation from them.

It should be noted that if the rings of Nari are worn like normal rings, and not interacted with in any magical capacity, they function just like normal rings (ie, for decoration only). Thus, a person who picks one up and wears one normally without realizing what it is won't have anything happen to them.

Male Ring of Nari

The male ring of Nari is a ring that contains male essence. Its primary use by witches is turning females into futas.

In the case of skilled magic users, such as some witches, wearing the ring normally on one finger and channeling its essence would allow the wearer to grow a futa cock almost at-will.

However, the more common usage, by far, is to remove the ring, and place it on a female's clitoris. This makes the ring channel its essence into its new wearer, having the clitoris grow into a futacock. The ring itself expands to match the size of the cock while its length and girth grows, being barely tight enough to reside at the cock's base.

This cock lasts until its magic is dispelled by pressing on the gem with the intent to remove the ring. Once that is done, the cock and the ring begin to shrink, and the ring can be removed with no problems.

The futacock created by the ring is usually of a human type; however, particularly affine wearers can subconsciously channel the energy and form a canine, equine, or other cock types as well.

The male ring of Nari tends to have no effect on actual males, aside from some slight tingling.

Female Ring of Nari

The female ring of Nari is a ring that contains female essence. Its primary use is turning guys into futas or females (or, alternatively, futas into females).

In the case of skilled magic users, such as witches, wearing the ring normally on one finger and channeling its essence would allow the wearer to begin the transformation.

The common use of the female ring of Nari is to remove the ring and place in on a cock. Unlike the male ring of Nari, the female ring relies on the orientation of its gem for its transformation type. When the ring of Nari is oriented so that the gem faces up, its wearer will turn into a futanari, growing a pair of breasts and having a pussy form. If the ring is oriented downwards, however, its wearer will turn into a female. The ring will slowly shrink as the wearer's cock does, until it turns into a clitoris. At this point, the ring will be barely tight enough to fit snugly on its wearer.

Both of these transformations last until the ring is removed. Unlike the male version of the ring, it can be slipped right off with some effort, not requiring its gem to be pressed to dispel the magic. Once removed, the ring, as well as the former wearer, will return to normal.

The female ring of Nari tends to have no effect on actual females, aside from a slight tingling.