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Princess Rio of Aureus
Rio portrait.png
Rio doing a pinup pose.
Homeland Aureus
Sex Futanari
Sexual preference Any
Fetishes Latex
Shiny objects
Race Aurean
Profession Runemistress
Age 26
Title Princess
Hair colour Turquoise
Eye colour Gold
Skin colour Light
Cup size J
Cock size (in.) 13
Magic info
Mana 275
Magic level 55
Magic affinity Strong
Magic resistance Strong

Rio is a magitex witch, and the princess of Aureus. She is the daughter of Queen Laguna. Although she lacks in physical ability, Rio is a very skilled sorceress and runemistress.

She is more interested in the human world than most other witches, due to her relatively sheltered nature.


Rio posing on her knees.

Rio has the appearance of a short young woman, possessing big breasts for her size, being described as a shortstack despite being slightly chubby. She has hip-length turquoise hair and golden eyes. She prefers to keep her hair loose and flowing. Her skin is permanently merged with magitex, as is tradition for Aureus royalty, usually giving off a blue colour. Her exposed skin is a very pale shade.

Rio likes to wear latex or magitex clothing, as she feels that it suits her well. Her typical outfit resembles that of a white latex mini-bikini. To complement this, she also wears white latex gloves, combined with white thigh-high platform boots. Her hat is a standard witch hat with a blue-and-white colour scheme. It features a heart-like design on it.

Rio is technically a futanari, although she normally prefers to hide it. She is one of the few witches skilled enough to switch between having her cock, without having to use mana to keep up either form. This means that if she wanted to, she could stay in her futanari form for as long as she wanted.

Personality and traits

Rio using Brooke's body.

Rio is a sly and playful girl, frequently turning chores and tedium into some sort of game to entertain herself. She is open about her lewd behaviour, openly wearing only a microbikini that barely covers her body. She enjoys teasing and provoking others, using her body to evoke reactions from them. However, while she loves the idea of nudity, she doesn't quite have an exhibitionism fetish.

On the other hand, Rio has a massive fetish for shining objects. Whereas most witches love shiny things, Rio enjoys the acts of shining them, whether it be somebody shining her body, or shining somebody else. This leads to her helping Brooke turn her body into that of a sexdoll, despite the high spell cost; she didn't do it to use Brooke's sexdoll body, but because she loves the shine that they have. Despite being normally dominant, she will happily submit to someone if she gets to shine them, such as submitting to Astra's drone body, giving it a futa form just for the opportunity to shine her cock. She also has kinks for boots and feet, enjoying when rubbing or being rubbed by others' feet; so much so that she gave Evelynn a wish for giving her a foot massage.

Rio, like Seraphina, is fascinated by human technology and customs. She enjoys learning about new cultures and taboos, especially considering how they contrast with witches' lewd natures. She loves teasing humans about the differences between their cultures, most notably emphasizing the difference between how the two cultures view casual sex, masturbation, and sexual contact between each other.

Rio is slightly narcissistic, due again to her royal lineage and her magical ability. Despite trying to hide her identity and not mentioning who she is, she's still not used to not having any attention. She has a slight Napoleon complex due to her short height, trying to cover it up by wearing high heels and platform boots. She gets incredibly defensive when it is mentioned, trying to cover it up and play it off despite being visibly bothered by it.

Rio frequently tries to hide who she is, as she feels that people treat her differently when they know that she is actually a princess. She feels that people try to act too formally around her, making them uninteresting in the process. This is part of why she is interested in the human world, as most people don't know who she is. Due to her sheltered nature, her understanding of idioms and sarcasm may sometimes lapse, but she tends to pick up on it more often than not.



Powers and abilities

  • Runecrafting - As a runemistress, Rio can make impromptu runes that can create magical effects that she wants.
  • Rubbermancy - Allows Rio to reshape and manipulate rubber and latex in multiple ways.
  • General spellcraft - Rio is extremely proficient at many other types of magic.


  • Magitex skin - Rio's skin makes for good armor, and it gleams and shines hypnotically in any source of light.
  • Spellbook - Rio's spellbook, containing references for base effects needed for arcane magic and runes.