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A rubberdoll shining herself with Maidshine.

A rubberdoll is a human or witch that had their skin or body turned into latex or magitex by the latex fuckdoll curse or other means. While there are multiple differences between different doll types, they tend to have some core similarities.

A rubberdoll that turns most of their body into rubber or latex instead of just their skin is also known as a puredoll.

A rubberdoll that is used primary for sexual purposes is called a sexdoll or fuckdoll. These may also be used to refer to puredolls, however, due to the latex fuckdoll curse's name and its creation of puredolls.

Becoming a rubberdoll

A rubberdoll tends to have their skin change into a latex material. The typical way to do this is by casting the Rubberize spell, drinking a Rubberdoll potion.

Rubberize spell

Main article: Rubberize

When Rubberize is successfully cast on someone, a small amount of skin turns to latex, followed by the latex spot spreading outward all over the body. This is typically done using the cascading principle. As it spreads, it greatly magnifies the sensitivity of the converted areas, turning the doll's entire body into an erogenous zone. The only exposed parts of the body that aren't converted are the target's eyes, although some choose to insert coloured contact lenses that match their new body.

Rubberdoll potion

Main article: Rubberdoll potion

When someone drinks a Rubberdoll potion, the effect depends on its strength. Stronger potions tend to gradually turn the drinker's skin into latex over the course of a few minutes. Weaker potions tend to alter the dermis of the drinker to produce latex or rubber, relying on the skin eventually flaking off to reveal the latex underneath. As the latex skin becomes closer to the top layer, the rubberdoll's body becomes more sensitive and erogenous.

Mental changes

While primarily a physical transformation, a rubberdoll's conversion is slightly mental, as well. Typically, as the transformation progresses, the new doll's mind will begin to go slightly fuzzy and become more susceptible to others' commands. They will feel more of an urge to please others by serving them. A submissive streak tends to develop, and a desire to be owned sometimes forms once the transformation is complete.


Rio reaching inside Brooke to show the lack of organs that a puredoll possesses.
A witch being turned into a puredoll.

In most cases, as it covers the skin on the outside, the puredoll's insides tend to slowly convert into a magical gas that takes the volume and functionality of the converted organs, bones, and tissues. Due to this, one can easily reach inside a fuckdoll and feel their entire body from the inside without any problems.

Depending on the method used, the cascade may cover the puredoll's head, turning that into a latex material as well. However, most methods avoid this and stop at the top of the neck, just below the head.