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Seraphina casting a spell.
Homeland Aureus
Sex Female
Sexual preference Any
Fetishes Latex
Race Aurean
Profession Sorceress
Age 31
Title Arcane Sorceress
Hair colour Blonde
Eye colour Green
Skin colour Normal
Armor Sorceress armor
Cup size D
Magic info
Mana 300
Magic affinity Strong
Magic resistance Normal

Seraphina, sometimes shortened to Sera, is a witch. Her specialty is sorcery, which is the discovery and formation of magical energies into useful items and spells. Her interest in magic indirectly leads her to visit the human world for a vacation.

She is the main witch character.



Seraphina is a cheerful girl, usually smiling as she goes about her duties and activities. She is impulsive and energetic, complementing her happy disposition. She wants to get along with everyone, frequently leading to her telling others to refer to her as Sera.

Seraphina tends to help others, occasionally going to great lengths if the person wants or needs something urgently. She tends to put her own needs behind those of other individuals, displaying slight workaholic tendencies.

She has a slight tendency to show off her magic, using spells to impress others.

Seraphina tends to display less lewd tendencies than most other witches, most likely due to her focus and discipline. However, due to her skills as a sorceress, she may occasionally surpass the others in lewdness just to show that she can.