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Cassie in the middle of a weredoll transformation.

A weredoll is a human or witch that either had a curse put upon them, or naturally developed, a condition where they turn into a rubberdoll or puredoll when certain conditions are met. They usually revert back to their normal form when said conditions are not fulfilled any more. There is no known way to dispel the weredoll curse.


The origin of the weredoll curse is unknown, but there are two known ways to get the curse passed on. Both methods, however, are rare and unreliable. The first is to have traces of rare magical bloodlines present within someone. In this scenario, the weredoll curse seems to dwell within the bloodline, being activated under certain conditions similar to an allergic reaction. This reaction is extremely rare and of unknown cause. After that, the curse is activated, making the user have to deal with the curse on a regular basis. The second way is by being infected by another weredoll. It is rumoured that kissing a weredoll, or being covered by its fluids, when wanting to become one has a chance to infect the non-weredoll with the curse. However, it is unknown and hasn't been completely confirmed as to how it can be transferred.


Known weredolls