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Wolfyessence is a pure type of potion that alters its drinkers body to have more wolfy traits. This tends to last a longer time than a regular potion, with a relatively high chance of being permanent. Due to its purity, rubbing it into someone tends to work almost as well.

Due to the difficult and meticulous process of gathering it, it is considered a prized rarity to many.


Depending on the amount of wolfyessence used, the drinker may experience a varying number and degree of effects.

The most common effect is similar to that of a lust potion, wherein the user becomes more aroused over time. However, this also comes with the added benefit of pheremone generation, making others lust after the drinker, as well. Males tend to get bigger cocks, along with greatly increased cum production, while females tend to get bigger breasts. A decently-sized dose may give the drinker wolfyears.

Increasing the dosage has a high likelihood of making the drinker desire to be milked. With a large enough dose, a futanarization process may occur.

Notable uses

  • Felix is insistently given a bottle by Seraphina when she finds out about his mana generation.