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Trying on a wolfysuit.

A wolfysuit is a lifelike outfit imbued with magic that resembles a wolfy. When worn by a human, it temporarily turns the wearer into a wolfy, allowing them to perceive sensations as a wolfy would. The wearer is able to walk around in the wolfysuit as if it was their own body, and could be worn for a very long time, since for most intents and purposes, it is the wearer's new body. The wearer is able to remove the wolfysuit at any time.

While it may be difficult for inexperienced humans to distinguish the difference between a human in a wolfysuit and a normal wolfy, actual wolfies can immediately tell the two apart.

Wolfysuits come in four varieties: male, female, futa, and cuntboy.


A wolfysuit, for the most part, appears to look like a wolfy due to the body proportions. A wolfysuit is put on via a zipper-like magic mechanism on its back, allowing the wearer to easily slip inside as if it was any other form of full-body clothing. The wearer is able to fit into the wolfysuit as it appears, compensating for any differences in body size. Males can also wear female wolfysuits and vice versa.

Once put on and zipped up, the wearer perceives the wolfysuit as their body. This includes sensations that the wearer's normal body wouldn't be able to feel. For instance, a normal female wearing a male wolfysuit would be able to feel what it's like to have a cock, but be unable to feel her breasts through the suit. Likewise, a normal male in a female wolfysuit would feel the suit's breasts as if it was his own, and feel what it's like to have a pussy, while not feeling anything from his own cock.

Humans that wear a wolfysuit feel sensations as a normal wolfy's body would. This means that a human wearing a wolfysuit gets to experience a wolfy body's biology, such as sensitivity, arousal, and subconscious thought processes, from a first-person perspective.

To take the wolfysuit off, its wearer must reach back and unzip it, allowing them to slip it off normally.

While mostly stateless in the long term, humans and witches with a strong affinity to wolfysuits may find that, after wearing one for a long time, their body may be changed into that of a wolfy similar to that of the suit. For instance, Isabella, a normal girl with a very strong affinity to wolfysuits, found herself turned into a futa wolfgirl after taking hers off.


Wolfysuits are mostly used by humans and witches on vacation.